A good domain name is just like a good store name: unforgettable at a glance, easily stands out among its peers, and even symbolizes its unique status

Taiwan Network Information Center has conducted a global auction on the domain name registration of “space.tw”, “tech.tw”, “digital.tw”, “computers.tw”, “mobile.tw” and “real.tw”, which would bring about value by its representative “store name”.

We welcome all related people, enterprises or groups that are interested to take part in this auction!
All proceeds from this auction will be donated to charity.

The scheduled auction is cancelled.


  • This auction will be carried out on Sedo. Given that Sedo requires membership for bidding, we suggest participants register their membership before the auction.
  • Bidders participating in the auction must thoroughly read and adhere to relevant provisions such as the Guidelines for Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Registration Agreement, as well as the Undertaking for "XXX.tw" Domain Name During the bidding process, the bidder is deemed as having understood and agreed with the aforementioned provisions and related contents when they have placed a bid.
  • The successful bidder must not alter the registrant of the keyword domain name or transfer the right to use the keyword domain name to others within one year after the registration of keyword domain name is approved by TWNIC.
  • The successful bidder of the keyword domain name has the right to use the domain name for one year with free registration after it is approved by TWNIC, and renewal matters upon the expiration date will depend on the registrar.